BSP Promise


"Our number one priority is yours, our valued client."

Our firm works for you and you are our boss! We are your voice to the insurance company and will help you throughout the entire insurance process. We wouldn't be in business if it wasn't for our valued clients.


"We treat all clients with the same level of care no matter how big or small your insurance needs may seem."

We take the time to answer all of your questions and concerns before you purchase any insurance product whether it's from our firm or not. We want you to be comfortable with your decision when selecting your insurance coverage. 


"We contact all clients before their insurance policy renews every year."

Being proactive about your insurance is a big priority of ours. We will review your insurance with you every year to ensure you are still with the best insurance company for your particular needs. 


"We are here for you whenever you have a claim. Call our office during business hours or via our mobile app and website 24/7."

Insurance matters most when you actually have to use it. Our agency takes claims seriously and we will hold your hand during the entire claims process.


"We ensure you will understand what you're purchasing. Insurance is more than just what you pay each month."

Our firm will thoroughly review your current insurance portfolio and assess it for gaps in coverage, areas that should be altered and ways to maximize savings. We will perform a side-by-side analysis and explain your coverage in a simplified format. 


"We are an independent insurance agency which means you get choices. We will offer different options that best suit your insurance needs."

We will take the time to search the insurance marketplace to obtain multiple quote options. Our team will listen to your individual needs and concerns which will create a custom tailored insurance experience. 


"We will set time expectations on all communication. We will never leave you hanging."

We know your time is valuable so we will ensure prompt responses. Don't wait "on hold" with the insurance company - call us directly and we will handle it from there!


"When you purchase insurance through a local insurance agency, you are supporting your local community."

We are not a "1-800 number", we live and work where you live and work. When you purchase insurance through our agency you are supporting a local business, which in turn, supports other local businesses and non-profits.


"We will alert you of any changes that need to be made to your insurance portfolio. It's our job to listen to you and suggest options that fit your lifestyle."

We are insurance professionals and we will guide you through the insurance process. We know your life is busy so leave the insurance issues to us. When you purchase insurance through our agency, you get a team of trusted and experienced insurance advisers that will keep an eye out for any changes that need to be made to your insurance portfolio.