The Importance of Personal Trainer Insurance

Being a personal trainer can be extremely demanding, both physically and mentally. Personal trainer insurance often goes overlooked, yet it is a critical element of having a personal training business. On top of having the required qualifications, making sure you have the insurance to protect yourself, your clients and your business is essential.

If you’re employed as a personal trainer at a gym, you are most likely covered under their general insurance policy. Although, it is important to know what kind of coverages you’ll be receiving before meeting with your clients.

If you train independently outside of a gym or have your own business, it would be wise to purchase liability insurance to protect yourself and potential clients. You never know what could happen and you should always be prepared for any situation. Programs can provide protection against claims of bodily injury liability, property damage liability, personal and advertising injury liability and litigation costs to defend against claims. It covers for sexual abuse & molest allegations as well.

Below are the types of qualifications required for this program:

-Certified Personal Trainers

(must upload evidence of certification for accredited rates)

-Uncertified Personal Trainers

(non-accredited rates are higher than accredited rates)

-Yoga Instructors

(accredited rates available with at least 50 hours of yoga instruction experience)

Coverage starts at $1,000,000 with premiums as low as $115 for the whole year.

For more information or to receive a personalized quote, call our office anytime and speak to one of our licensed agents to find the right policy for you and your business!

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