Do you know the story behind Santa Claus?

Aside from being a used as a bribe to get children to be good for at least two weeks before Christmas so they won’t end up on the naughty list; Santa Claus is someone who reminds us that no matter how old we are, we still have a little bit of childlike wonder in us all. His character has us actually enjoying singing Christmas songs at the top of our lungs, participating in more random acts of kindness, and gaining a whole lot of holiday weight.

We all know the basics of Santa Claus; plump and round, wears a red suit, may or may not have a human named Buddy that’s 6ft tall helping to make Christmas presents, flies a sleigh faster than the speed of light with the help of eight reindeer plus Rudolph, and is filled with nothing but cookies and milk, but as far as many people know, that’s just about all Santa Claus is to us. However in reality, there is much more to the story of Santa.

The legend of Santa Claus is traced back hundreds of years to a monk named St. Nicholas who was extremely admired for his kindness. One of the first well known stories of St. Nicholas’ kindness is that he saved three poor sisters from being sold into slavery or prostitution by their father by providing them with a dowry so that they could be married. St. Nicholas snuck to their house at night and threw three bags of gold coins down the chimney, a bag falling into each of the three sisters stockings that were hanging to dry. This began the stories of Santa coming down the chimney and putting presents in stockings hanging on the fireplace. This simple act of kindness paved the way for generations to come to continue on his legacy of selfless giving and seeking to make others happy around Christmas time. Since then many versions of Santa Claus have popped up all over the world like Sinter Klaas in the Netherlands, Kris Kringle in Germany, Jultomten in Scandinavia, Pere Noel in France, Babouschka in Russia, and La Befana in Italy but all revolve around the original, St. Nicholas.

Giving gifts, mainly centered around children, has since become an important part of celebrating Christmas since the many legends and stories of St. Nicolas began. Giving and receiving is mainly what Christmas is about and what Santa Claus has taught us to continue doing for those we love and cherish.

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