Why Should I Make a Resolution?

With the new year hitting us harder and faster than an 18 wheeler truck, the last thing many of us are thinking about is making a New Year’s resolution. Most of us say, “OK this is the year I will lose that weight.” or “This is the year I will start eating healthier.” Then two weeks into January we are skipping the gym to stuff our faces with fast food as we watch the same resolutions we make every year drift away until the next new year returns.

So let’s stop that this year!!

If you think about it, we should be looking at our resolutions like we look at our life goals. If we put the same amount of effort into a New Year’s resolution as we do into our everyday goals, then they most certainly can be achieved and with ease. Setting resolutions is the best way to keep the mind and body active and also helps us make sure we stay the best versions of ourselves.

Here are 3 reasons why making a resolution is good for you…

#1: Resolutions can focus your mind on where you want to be, who you want to become, and what you want to accomplish throughout the new year. A new year means a fresh start and a chance to forget the past and move forward. You can completely clear your mind, refocus it, and positively take a step in a new direction. Every year means a chance to be a new person and set new goals for what you want that new person to accomplish. If you want to stop eating meat or start making your bed everyday, then do it and soon it will just become more of a habit and less of a resolution you feel stuck to.

#2: Look at resolutions as things that can help make us more self-aware and use them to better care for ourselves, then it can take the pressure off of the “performance” part of it. If we take a step back and realize resolutions are meant to help us and not drag us down or be a burden on our everyday life then it can become something more enjoyable to do. If you look at your "going to the gym more" resolution as something completely awful, then that is how it’s going to be; but if you look at it like a way to get in shape, look better, be healthier, and maybe make some new friends then it will be a more positive experience and each milestone you reach won’t seem like a hassle.

#3: Resolutions make us feel good. I can't think of a single person who can say they don’t feel good when they get something done or complete a goal they set a while back. It is one of the most rewarding feelings in the world to be able to accomplish something. So when you’re done with your diet and see the amazing results, when you finally are able to hold a plank for 45 seconds and feel stronger, or when you have saved up enough money to go on a vacation earlier than expected, you truly feel fulfilled and proud of yourself that you did what you said you would.

Look at your resolutions like you may look at your bucket list and I’m confident that it will be a lot easier to follow through. The only person stopping you is yourself!

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