The Power of Technology & Our Mobile App

We know we've already given you a billion and one reasons why being a client of BSP Insurance is a great idea, but just in case that isn't enough... here's one more.

The world revolves around technology now and why not? It makes our lives a million times easier and we don't even know it. Do you remember a time when you weren’t using a GPS to get somewhere you weren’t familiar with or when your phone wasn’t connected to a wall? Technological advances are what keeps us on our toes and able to be more efficient everyday.

At BSP Insurance, we know that and because we know that we have created a mobile app for our clients to use to make their lives just a bit easier. We are aware that everyone goes through certain situations that cause stress and with this app, we hope to make those situations a little less stressful for you. A huge bonus to this app is also that any customer will have access to use it no matter what time or day of the week.

With this app you have access to many different options including:

~ And if you are not yet a client but are interested in becoming one, use these as one of the many reasons why you should be one! ~

  • Reporting a Claim

  • This app allows you to store multiple vehicles and ID cards. It also has a mobile claims kit with one-click help, a tow truck for your convenience, and a geo-locator.

  • Requesting Documents

  • If you need an ID car or other policy documentation, our app makes requesting any insurance document you may need a super simple and easy process.

  • Home inventory

  • With the app you can ensure proper coverage as well as create and update home inventories in as little as a few minutes. You can capture the contents and value of your personal property all by using your smartphone.

  • Paying Bills

  • Never ever miss a payment with our app. Even if you have multiple insurance companies, our app allows you to pay all of your insurance bills at the same time within the same application.

If this interests you, and I mean c’mon why wouldn’t it, it works for both iPhone and Android users and can be downloaded in the App Store or Google Play.

… P.S. It’s free!

If you’re an iPhone user, click here to download the app.

If you’re an Android user, click here to download the app.

And if there are ever any questions, never hesitate to call our office!

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