What You Can ~And Should~ Insure On Your Wedding Day!

We are about a week past Valentine’s Day, one of the most romantic holidays of the year, and we are sure that at least someone you know got engaged on or around that special day. It happens every year with one study even claiming that around six million couples a year get engaged on Valentine’s Day. There is of course nothing wrong with that at all, it just gives us the perfect excuse to talk about weddings!

A wedding is meant to be one of the best days of each person’s life. It is meant to be a unique celebration that brings both families together in a style that best fits the couple. A moment where for 24 full hours, all the months of planning and stress finally comes together and as a couple you can truly just sit back and enjoy it.

However, things can happen at a wedding you are not expecting like a bad storm, the DJ is a no show, or something happens to the photographer’s camera and all of your pictures go missing. What do you do then? Probably panic right? WRONG!

With wedding insurance, all of those unideal circumstances can be taken care of.

Here are some more examples of things you probably didn’t know could be insured…

  • As mentioned before, you can get weather insurance for either the possibility of rain or snow on your wedding day. (Can also double as a wedding gift, you’re welcome.)

  • DJ or caterer is a no-show? No worries, any vendors that you paid that never showed up to the wedding will be taken care of by having insurance.

  • Destination weddings can be insured from the moment you depart till the moment you arrive safely back home.

  • Photographer’s camera fell into the water because you just had to get that picture on the slippery rocks by the water and now all of your pictures are lost, no problem! Having insurance will pay for you and your guests to go back to the location and recreate all of the photo fun over again.

  • Any wedding attire can also be insured if for example it is lost, stolen, or damaged when in your possession.

  • You can also insure liquor exposure for excessive consumption if god forbid someone was to get into an accident when leaving the wedding.

  • At weddings there is a lot of moving around, therefore someone can slip and fall pretty easily… especially when the ginormous ice sculpture someone needed to have in the middle of July is melting all over the dance floor.

  • Lastly, if you’ve got a runaway situation, you can insure a “non-appearance”, shall we say. A person with cold feet may suck on your wedding day but at least you can take the money from your policy and use it to make your feet a little warmer, if you know what we mean. (Hint: tropical vacation)

Having wedding insurance is one of the smartest things a couple can possibly do for their wedding day. I mean just thinking of all the hours, weeks, months put into planning the most special day only for it to be ruined by something completely unexpected. Don’t let that be you, or your friends, or your family.

Talk to us and we will help you get coverage for your wedding day. We have a wedding insurance program already in place and by clicking here you can get a free quote! We want to do our part in making sure your day is exactly what you imagined. Please feel free to call us anytime during our office hours at (203) 237-7923 to talk to our agents about all we can do to help your wedding day go as smoothly as possible.

Pass all of this info to those you know who are getting married, it may help them more than you know!

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