Importance of Vendor Insurance

With the warmer weather approaching that means more of your time will be spent outdoors. Festivals, farmers markets, fairs, downtown events, and more all begin taking place. That means street vendors will be everywhere; Up and down the streets selling anything from clothing to jewelry to food. Some may even argue the best part about these events is the vendors themselves! They add vibrancy to our communities and in many places they are considered a cornerstone of historical and cultural heritage.

Because of that factor, one of BSP Insurance’s many insurance programs is in fact tailored to those who own and operate vendor carts and concession stands. We know that in order to set up your vendor you first need a license but what is equally important as a license is the proper insurance!

Some reasons it is important to carry vendor insurance is:

  • It protects the vendor against lawsuits that may stem from personal injury or property damage.

  • Simply having vendor insurance allows vendors to have additional job opportunities, which results in the ability for them to make more money.

  • Believe it or not, vendors are open to a significant amount of liability. Regardless of the level of liability, every vendor is susceptible to some type of it. Vendor insurance can protect policyholders from financial losses that can accompany a lawsuit.

  • It protects against property damage liability, advertising injury liability, bodily injury liability, medical expenses, personal injury liability, and litigation coverage.

Our Vendor Insurance liability program has been structured to meet the needs of vendors big and small. We have specifically tailored programs in place that offer the coverage you need to keep your business protected. Our programs are available for one-day special events, annual policies, and anything in between. Premiums are as low as $50 for $1,000,000 in liability coverage!

So before setting up your vendor at the next fair, festival, or sporting event, make sure you have the right vendor insurance coverage. It could help in more ways than one and also give you a little peace of mind.

Please don’t hesitate to call us anytime during our business hours at 203-237-7923 and speak to one of our licensed agents who will assist you through the process of insuring your vendor business.

You can also click here and be directed straight to our website where you can get a FREE quote online! Here you can quote, bind, and issue a vendor insurance policy in just a few minutes!

For more information about this program please check out this link:

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