ATV Insurance: Stay Protected on the Rocky Road

For some, the freedom of driving down trails on a four-wheeler, wind blowing in their face and bugs getting stuck in their hair is as close as it gets to cloud 9. However, this type of pure bliss is as rocky as the terrain you are riding on. The road less traveled comes with a fair amount of risk, as many people will tell you.

Having the proper insurance can eliminate a lot of the worry that comes with a dangerous activity. You don’t want something unexpected and unfortunate to happen and then be up to your ears in debt in the blink of an eye. Insurance will provide you with the coverage needed specifically for off-roading and can protect you from damage or injuries related to ATV accidents.

ATV coverage can include:

  • Collision insurance

  • Pays for structural damage to your vehicle if you hit another ATV, a rock, a stump, a tree or another object that causes significant damage.

  • Comprehensive insurance

  • Pays damages that result from lightning, vandalism, animals, theft, etc.

  • Bodily injury/Property damage coverage

  • Covers damage and legal defense if you cause an accident that harms another person or their property.

  • Uninsured/Under-insured motorist coverage

  • This optional insurance helps if you or your property are harmed by someone who isn’t properly covered to pay for the losses and damage.

Riding ATV’s has become a widespread activity that many people participate in both for pleasure and for professional reasons. As stated, accidents can happen and having insurance can help to alleviate some of the stress behind participating in such activities.

So before the off-roading starts, make sure to call BSP Insurance to get you ATV and other terrain apparatus insured. Then the fun can really begin!

Call us anytime during our office hours at 203-237-7923 or visit our website by clicking here!

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