Motorcycle Safety

Are you being the safest when you’re riding your motorcycle on the roads? May is motorcycle safety month, so we figured we’d take this opportunity to talk about motorcycle safety and why it’s important for you be insured before you hit the road.

If you ride a motorcycle, you already know how much fun riding can be. You understand the exhilaration of cruising the open road and the challenge of controlling a motorcycle. But motorcycling also can be dangerous. The latest data shows that motorcyclists are about 28 times as likely as passenger car occupants to die in a motor vehicle traffic crash. That’s a high number.

With that being said, motorcyclists need to learn the proper procedures of safety before hitting the roads. While on the road, some things to consider are…

  • Wearing the proper protection

  • Wear a helmet, keep your arms and legs completely covered, boots high enough to cover ankles, gloves to give you better grip and protect your hands, and bright colors to make you more visible to other vehicle drivers.

  • Ride responsibly

  • Obey traffic lights, signs, speed limits, and lane markings; ride with the flow of traffic and leave plenty of room between your bike and other vehicles; and always check behind you and signal before you change lanes.

  • Remember to ride defensively.

  • Be alcohol and drug free

  • That should go without explanation but some people think they are above common sense!

  • Alcohol and drugs, including some prescribed medications, negatively affect your judgment, coordination, balance, throttle control, and ability to shift gears. These substances also impair your alertness and reduce your reaction time. Even when you're fully alert, it's impossible to predict what other vehicles or pedestrians are going to do. Therefore, make sure you are alcohol and drug free when you get on your motorcycle.

Even if you are riding responsibly and taking all the correct precautions, accidents unfortunately do still happen. This is why you absolutely need motorcycle insurance. Motorcycle insurance protects you or the driver you may cause damage to, in an accident from the financial burden of having to pay high medical or repair costs.

Motorcycle insurance covers the same main coverages as car insurance, these include:

  • Liability insurance

  • Personal injury protection

  • Comprehensive insurance

  • Collision insurance

  • Uninsured/under-insured motorist coverage

  • Guest passenger liability insurance

Get insurance today before you start riding and please remember to always be safe on the roads. Look out for yourself and others at all times. At BSP Insurance, we want to look out for you, so please call us anytime during our office hours at 203-237-7923 for more information and a free quote! We will gladly help you as you are worth more than 15 minutes with us!

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